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JB Enterprises is please to announce...

April 8, 2011: JB Enterprises is working diligently to get INOX, FUEL MEDIC and DE-OIL-IT products into your neighborhood stores. If you are looking for the product but can't find it, please ask the store manager to get the product for you OR you can call our office at 1-877-439-7226 and we will help you locate a store in your area that stocks the product you want.

November 19, 2010: JB Enterprises has been named the fulfillment distributor for Ace Hardware for INOX products. You will be able to find INOX products in your local Ace Hardware store in the very near future. If your store does not have the product you are looking for, ask the store manager or contact us at 877-439-7226.

Fall, 2010: JB Enterprises is now supplying Sunbelt Rentals throughout the US with INOX products for maintenance on their equipment. If you are a Sunbelt Rental and need to order INOX or FUEL MEDIC products, please contact us. (Vendor #90417)

A user's review of INOX

  • From: Brad Cederblom
  • Sent to: Julia Allen Friday, August 13, 2010 12:40 PM
  • Subject: Re: Union Sportsmen's Alliance INOX reminder
  • I received my free trial size bottles of Inox mx3 and Inox mx4 through a sign-up through Union Sportsman's Alliance (USA). Recently I volunteered to assist the instructor at a women's basic gun safety clinic, which included classroom and firing line instruction. Prior to attending, I cleaned a couple of my pistols and lubricated them with the Inox products, and then, thankfully I took the bottles with me to the shoot as there were also 5 brand new pistols on loan that all required lubricating prior to shooting. The women shot hundreds of rounds, then the helpers got to shoot hundreds of rounds. The Inox lubricant preformed terrifically. The most popular pistols required a reapplication midway through the day, and after a quick spray to the mechanical parts, we were back on the firing line. These are good products and I plan on purchasing more when my trial size bottles run out.
  • Brad Cederblom, USA member
  • Rathdrum, Idaho
  • How I discovered INOX

    JBs Race Team

    The US importer of INOX products approached me regarding sponsorship for my racing team. I took their samples and tested their product on the racing Karts as well as at several businesses I own. I was extremely pleased with the results the INOX family of products produced and a partnership was formed. We are pleased to be the master distributor for the Southeast United States and hope that you are as pleased and surprised at the results and all the uses INOX products have.

  • James H Burke II, Owner